✅5.200€ #entry_salary for junior engineer on a tanker

✅growing demand for specialized personnel in #port_management #underwater_works #ship_building #coastal_tourism

✅increasing women presence in merchant navy, worldwide

Few of the key points raised at the first #blueTALK on 3rd March 2021  by Dr.Evangelos Agelos Kyriazopoulos (Secretary General of Shipping & Port Infrastructure, Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy).

Moreover, the value of job counselling in innovative industries, such as #security in #maritimetelecom, was highlighted by Dr.Emmanouil Nikolaidis (General Manager of Premium Consulting and Assistant Professor, Dept of Maritime Transport & Commerce, Frederick University, Cyprus); and the youth entrepreneurship potential in #BlueEconomy was emphasized by Maria Giannetou (Communication Manager, Junior Achievement Greece).

BlueTALKS is yet another innovative initiative by Militos S.A to raise awareness and inform young people on #job opportunities in the rapidly growing sector of the Blue Economy;  in the frames of BlueGeneration Project

We warmly thank our #supporters who embarked on this European initiative with the central motto #I_AM_ONBOARD

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