The Entrepreneurial Society Development Foundation was established in 2014 to work for employment, creating new jobs and developing entrepreneurship. It was created by experienced people so far operating on different but interpenetrating fields – both in public administration, the private sector and non-governmental organizations. Wanting to act jointly united forces resulted in the creation of FRSP. We have defined a lot of our statutory goals, but all of them focus on the aforementioned activities for employment, creating new jobs and developing entrepreneurship. We provide advice to all those who are interested in any way in the labor market: students, the unemployed, working and entrepreneurs, as well as non-governmental organizations. Mainly our advice is related to obtaining subsidies and co-financing. We advise on how to change jobs, get an internship, receive funds for setting up, developing a company or a non-governmental organization. Our services are, however, comprehensive. We want to provide everyone with a full range of support, therefore the Foundation also provides services such as legal advice, image consulting and public relations. We also advise which bank has the best offer, choose an accounting office, and our IT specialists will prepare a website for the client and build a network in the office. All this to make entrepreneurship possible thanks to us for how to effectively and dynamically develop.

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