"Ocean of opportunities - prospects for youth"

Blue Generation Project


On 21 March 2023, at the Centre for Non-Governmental Organisations in Katowice, the third local conference within the "Blue Generation" project took place entitled. "Ocean of opportunities - development perspectives for young people".

The aim of the conference was to introduce young people, as well as youth workers (such as career counsellors, teachers, employees of business incubators, career offices and job centres) to the perspectives offered by the Blue Economy in the sphere of education and employment. Among the invited guests to introduce our participants to these issues were:

- Dr. Eng. Julia Stekla from the Experimental Department of the Institute of Zootechnics PIB

- Dr Iwona Królikowska, assistant professor from the Naval Academy in Gdynia

- Capt. Tomasz Pruszyński, Master Mariner.

At the beginning of the conference, the President of the FRSP, Marcin Germanek, took the floor to introduce the genesis of the Foundation's participation in the Blue Generation project and stressed the importance of the Blue Economy for the economic development of Poland and the EU. Next, the floor was taken by Ewa Skowronska, coordinator of the Blue Generation project, who presented to the participants the successes of FRSP in the project to date and outlined the plans and tasks for the next few months.

Each of the invited guests introduced our participants to the opportunities offered by the Blue Economy in the aquaculture, maritime transport and other broader maritime sectors (e.g. work in the navy, human resources management in companies cooperating with shipowners, waitress service on passenger ships, etc.). Each of the speakers emphasised that work in the maritime economy is specific, as it requires passion and commitment, but at the same time gives a lot of satisfaction and many employers now need (and will need) qualified and experienced staff.

After each speech, participants had the opportunity to ask questions of our guests.

The conference was attended by 20 participants (young people and career counsellors). Promotional activities related to the conference were carried out from mid-February 2023.