Active Bulgarian Society is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2013, working to promote awareness among youth. ABS Support with all means possible, the development of young people, thus ensuring a brighter and more secure future for them. The organization is coordinating, hosting and sending volunteers, working with local community and organising social, sports, linguistic and artistic activities. 

ABS is based in Blagoevgrad and we cooperate successfully with the local public institutions, schools and universities, other local and foreign NGOs mainly in the field of non-formal and informal education and active youth participation. ABS has strong partner cooperation with organizations from all the EU and partner countries. 
Since 2016 ABS is a Eurodesk Multiplier in the region. This helps us to inform, guide and empower young people to participate in learning mobility programmes and encourage them to become active citizens. ABS is cooperating successfully in various projects in the field of learning mobility as sending participants, preparing young people for better employability, etc.

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