The innovative concept of the Blue Generation Project is based on a transnational cooperation.

The Beneficiary Partners are from five different countries and a diverse range of organisations, but all work with unemployed youth and NEETs and will be able to exchange best practices and achieve synergy effects in this transnational consortium.

The Expert Partners are primarily chosen for their expertise in the different Blue Economy sub-sectors, with the Donor States of Norway and Iceland being regarded as leading in the development of new industries such as Renewable Ocean Energy and Aquaculture and the Brussels-based Umbrella-associations representing an EU-wide international membership.

This transnational approach provides the Beneficiary Partners and through them the NEETs with completely new international connections and a wealth of opportunities.

It provides the Expert Partners, including those from Donor States, with new connections to a much needed, interested and engaged, youth workforce for their respective Blue Economy sub-sectors. It also offers them the opportunity to transfer their knowledge and expertise into the countries with high NEET and unemployment rates.

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