• 30.000+ girls and boys in 6 countries have been informed by BlueGeneration mentors until today about the training and job opportunities in the Blue Economy and we keep going!
  • 8.000 youth engaged in active job search
  • 2.000 users registered at the Blue Careers Job Platform


  • BlueGeneration Project has reached thousands of youngsters in Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Spain, remaining loyal to our promise to help them discover the unknown #professions of_the_sea in #Coastal_Tourism ⛵️ #Aquaculture & #Fisheries🐟 #Marine_Biotechnology 🧫 , #Ocean _Energy, #Maritime_ Transport and #Ship_building 🚢


🎉 “I found #BlueGeneration through social media, got in touch with a mentor, and #together we figured out how to transform my passion for the sea into a #sustainable_career as a #skipper. Now I’m starting my first job with a very good salary at a yachting company after only 1,5 years in a VET school”, said Marina, sharing with us her success story.


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