💻 #Bioinformatics Engineer, is one of the professions of the future, for processing the huge amount of #big_data being collected for marine life.

  You can build your career in #Marine_Biotechnology with a degree in Informatics or Engineering, Physics or Chemistry, all you need is passion for innovation

💵 Find #funding and support for your #startup at @GSRI.gsri.gr and at organizations like @SUBMARINER Network that support #smart_specialization

🤝 Collaboration with other sectors of #Blue_Economy, such as #Coastal_Tourism, #Fisheries #Aquaculture is the 🔑 to success in developing new products and services in #Food_Supplements #Medical_Products #Fertilizers #Cosmetics #Biofuels #Detergents #Ecotourism

These are some of the most interesting points highlighted in the 2nd #blueTALK on the employment prospects in Marine Biotechnology, by Dr. Efthalia Arvaniti, Program manager SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth EEIG, Dr. Antonios Gypakis, Head of Department. Planning & Programming of the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation, Dr. Panos Kalatzis, Regional Aquamanager (Europe) Bluestar Adisseo and Dr. Gerasimos Rodotheatos, specialist in Ocean Governance, Researcher EKEPEK, Panteion University.

BlueTALKS is yet another innovative initiative by @Militos Consulting S.A. to raise awareness and inform young people on #job opportunities in the rapidly growing sector of the Blue Economy; in the frames of #BlueGenerationProject

We warmly thank our #supporters who embarked on this European initiative with the central motto #I_AM_ONBOARD


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