Students of the School of Second Chance in Xanthi, who are completing their studies, were informed about training + employment prospects within the Blue Economy sectors. Their response was particularly warm, as many members of their families are already employed in the Blue Economy, mainly in technical sectors, in Greece and Europe. In fact, many of the students immediately expressed interest in receiving personal guidance from the Blue Generation team of Career Counselors, coordinated by Konstantinos Tsimas of Militos Consulting SA.

The webinar was implemented [in collaboration with Professor Mr. Tassos Sarris and the School’s Director Mr. S. Symeonidis; both are deeply thanked], in the framework of the Blue Generation project funded by the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment. The coordinator of the project in Greece is Militos Consulting SA, with the active support of Sea Teach (Spain).
Blue Generation Project is implemented by an international partnership of organizations from Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Portugal, and Spain with the support of experts in the Blue Economy from Belgium, Germany, Iceland and Norway.
Blue Generation's goal is to engage young people aged 15 to 29 years in the so-called marine vocations, as a modern, attractive, and efficient alternative option to unemployment. Blue Generation focuses on the 7 sectors of the Blue Economy: coastal tourism, shipbuilding, ocean energy, marine biotechnology, maritime transport, fishing, and fish farming/aquacultures.

We continue to offer free mentoring and counseling services to young men and women but do it remotely due to Covid-19 restrictions. We have also adapted the information program for schools, professional training organizations, and youth centers in order to continue this great European-wide effort via the internet.

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