Blue Generation Project was highlighted  in The Fifth Sustainability Summit of the The Economist Events for Greece, Cyprus, Malta and southeast Europe on 30/ 09 by Mrs Stavropoulou Olga, Director General, HELMEPA, during the  discussion “#Ocean_Governance and #Blue_Growth"

As she mentioned, BlueGeneration Project, in the context of informing around 40,000 young people all over Europe, aims to attract young people aged 15-29 to the #Blue_Economy, challenging their conviction that they are "dirty" and "dangerous" and responding to their desire to integrate sustainability in their career expectations. It is a fact that the oceans’ health is deteriorating, but the involvement of young people with professions in the field of ocean economics has the power to reverse this trend.

Thank you for recognizing the role of the @BlueGeneration Project in enhancing the #employability of #youth in conjunction with the sustainability of the oceans and their ecosystem

Blue Generation Project is funded by EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment

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