Blue Generation Project in association with Odyssey FD is offering for free, the “Maritime Security Operator Training Course”.

After successful participation participants will:

  • receive a participation certificate
  • get the opportunity to have an interview with a maritime company and may
  • begin their career with a very attractive starting salary


Contents and Duration of the Course

Theoretical Lessons for five days

Basic Principles of Nautical Theory, Basic Principles and Terminology of Maritime, Recognition of different types of ships and boats, Safety Rules, General Principles of Maritime Security, Best Management Practices/BMP5, Basic training in First Aid, UAV & MARITIME and Basic usage and recognition of arms that are used in Maritime Security.



Main Duties of Maritime Security Operator

He/she is a member of the security team of the ship which is commanded by the Team Leader and obeys at him. At the port he/she is responsible for the safe boarding of all the passengers in association with the crew and the officers of the ship and executes services in order to protect the ship from stowaways, thieves and smugglers. More precisely in passenger and cruise ships, at port he/she checks the passengers’ documents and luggages and takes care for the safe return of all the passengers, while at sea he/she contributes to the smooth operation of all sections and oversees in order to assure the peaceful coexistence of the passengers on board. Depending on the mission and the training that he/she has received and uses weapons where it is necessary. He/she must have absolute knowledge of the work that is executed by the team and the services must be carried out in accordance with the rules of the ship-owning company, international law and international navigation rules.


Team of Lecturers

The team of Instructors consisted of professionals responsible for personnel recruiting at maritime companies and managers at maritime security services companies with many years of experience and specialized training abroad. They have successfully trained hundreds of young people who were hired as Maritime Security Operators or Sailors.

Fotios Dimakopoulos | Fotios Amaxopoulos | Anastasios Karakasidis | Ioannis Malandris


Prerequisites for Candidates

Candidates must:

  • Βelong in the age group 18-29 years old
  • Have basic knowledge of English
  • Have elementary or Junior High School graduation diploma
  • Be in a good physical condition
  • Be discharged from the army in the countries that is mandatory (for men)
  • Previous work experience as a security guard will be considered as an advantage for women
  • Have a clear criminal record






These training positions are addressed to young people aged 18-29 years old, in the framework of the Blue Generation Project funded by the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment), and are implemented online by Militos Consulting S.A.

We are not accepting applications anymore as the project is completed.